miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012


On the sunny Sunday morning of September 14, 2012, in presence of the representation of the sisters of the three communities of the Dominican Sisters of the Anunciata in the  Philippines, the groundbreaking ceremony was held and witnessed by the people of barangay Talang and other neighbouring barangays.

Symbolic digging at the site where the future school woul raised was participated some sisters then the insertion of some objects into the capsule followed. The objects inserted were the architectural and structural designs were by the architect and engineer of the project, Denis de Villa and Cesar Vergara respectively, soil from Gombren the birthplace of St. Francisco Coll, coins which are in current circulation that mark the year the building was built and the list of sisters that are presently assigned in the country. After all these objects were inserted inside the capsule which was then sealed and lowered down the ground as the blessed it. After the meaningful groundbreaking rites,  all proceeded to the chapel for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist to thank the Lord for His goodness and commend to His care this project as an offering, a work of our hands.
On that sunny Sunday morning, a new light has shone to enlighten the darkness of ignorance as Fr. Coll so desired. From that day, the loving and humble people would wait for the day the door of Anunciata School be opened for those who seek an education that is firmly founded in Truth, in Christ. The Anunciata brand of education that has been spreading throughout the world, benefitting countless lives that now shine like stars in the night in the world will soon be ready to be served to the people of San Carlos City.